TALLINN, Estonia, March 31, 2021 — Sologenic announced the launch of the highly anticipated Sologenic Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the blazingly fast and secure Blockchain, XRP Ledger, allowing users to trade Cryptocurrencies including SOLO, XRP, and the upcoming Tokenized Assets such as Stocks, ETFs, and commodities from top global exchanges 24/7 from every corner of the globe.

The Sologenic DEX is an advanced decentralized trading platform that allows users to trade (peer-to-peer) any fraction of tokenized assets, SOLO, and XRP while having custody of their private keys which provides maximum security and trust.

Sologenic DEX features:

Fast, secure & intuitive decentralized exchange built by experienced traders.

Sologenic DEX 24/7 Non-stop Trading

Mark your calendars! On March 31st, 2021, Sologenic is launching the Sologenic DEX, an advanced decentralized trading platform. It allows users to trade any fraction of tokenized assets, SOLO, and XRP while having custody of their private keys, providing maximum security and trust.

Limitless Trading Experience


In honour of International Women’s Day 2021, Sologenic is highlighting some of the powerful women paving the way in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The cryptocurrency industry is not excused from the gender imbalances that infiltrate traditional financial services. According to data released by Etoro, only 15% of bitcoin traders identify as women but why are there so few women traders? Is that because they are scared of taking the risk and trading seems to be only reserved just for men? …


Sologenic’s Co-creator, Bob Ras discussed Sologenic’s future expansion plan & how #XRP Ledger technology helps financial institutions like Sologenic to stay within the regulatory frameworks, and more in an interview with Jane King at Nasdaq Marketsite in New York on 12th September 2021 (source).

Key ideas discussed in the interview:


Take part in the LIVE AMA on June 23rd at 18:30 UTC

The Sologenic community has been growing more substantially, and we will host the LIVE AMA on YouTube and Twitter to reach out and stay connected with our community members!

During the AMA, you will meet CoinField’s CEO Bob Ras, Sologenic’s Co-creator/CTO Reza Bashash, and Sologenic’s CPO Dmitri Litvinovich. They will be answering your questions.

We offer a prize pool of 250 SOLO, and only 5 lucky winners will receive 50 SOLO each!

To enter:
Retweet and tag 2 friends 👉 https://ctt.ac/f49Q2
Submit your questions 👉 https://forms.gle/Qj61f7pGrVHre9XbA


Have you ever wanted to buy shares in a company but realize you can’t even afford one share? That’s the unfortunate reality for a lot of people. Don’t worry though, that’s all about to change.

The Sologenic platform offers a revolutionary trading experience. Users can tokenize 40,000+ stocks, ETFs, and commodities from 30 global stock exchanges. Anybody can buy fractions of stock, tokenize real-world assets, and trade them with other people, 24/7. There are no middlemen, no brokerage fees, no wait times. …

Timothy Burke and Stan Larimer are the Co-founders of SovereignSky. Tim and Stan will appear as guests on episode 7 of SOLO TV.

The First Space-Based Blockchain

SovereignSky is a company that has launched a satellite into space aboard SpaceX in partnership with SpaceQuest. It aims to add more satellites within the next 3–5 years to cover Africa, India, and South America.

Ending Poverty

SoverignSky distributes modems and smartphones preinstalled with an app called RUON, which connects to the satellites.

Anybody in the world can download the RUON app and scroll through profiles of orphanages, wildlife parks, and other communities…

At Sologenic, we’re thrilled to have hosted DeFi x SOLO, the virtual event of the year! The event brought together key industry leaders to discuss all aspects of DeFi and blockchain technology.

We have uploaded the full event to SOLO TV, so if you missed it or would like to watch it again, you can!

Full Demo of the Tokenization Asset Simulator

At DeFi x SOLO, Sologenic launched the Tokenization Asset Simulator. Users can practice tokenizing stock from Nasdaq and NYSE and get a feel for the platform before launching the live version, which is coming soon.
Sologenic is opening up the financial markets to everyone…

DeFi x SOLO, the DeFi Virtual Event of the Year, will bring crypto and blockchain industry leaders together to talk about DeFi.

We’re excited to announce the first keynote speakers for the free event on November 18, 2020. Please find out more about them below!

To celebrate the upcoming DeFi x SOLO event on November 18th, Sologenic is running a month-long giveaway from October 20, 2020, to November 20, 2020.

We will be giving away 100 SOLO to 10 lucky winners!

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Follow @realsologenic on Twitter

2. Retweet our giveaway post

3. Fill out this form

4. Change your Twitter profile picture to our SOLO Ƨ logo and keep it there until November 27, 2020.


You must complete all four steps for your entry to count.

The giveaway ends on November 20, 2020.

You must keep your…


Sologenic is a sophisticated ecosystem that facilitates investing & trading of on-demand tokenized assets, including Stocks & ETFs from 30+ global exchanges.

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