Coreum: A Modern Layer-1 Blockchain — Fast and Smart

Coreum Blockchain


It’s notable to mention that Sologenic ecosystem and $SOLO will co-exist on both of the XRP Ledger and the upcoming Coreum blockchain.

Meet Coreum

Table of contents


Shortly after the launch, we started coming up with new ideas and products to be built on the Sologenic Ecosystem but we were instantly blocked due to the lack of underlying features provided by the XRP Ledger such as smart contracts and issued currency escrows.

We decided to create a new layer-1 blockchain, that not only helps the Sologenic Ecosystem grow but to help other DeFi developers and to be served as a core infrastructure for the future of decentralized applications.

This is how Coreum was born!

  • Highly efficient
  • Fast
  • Cost-effective
  • Green (99% Lower Carbon Footprint)
  • Support for Smart Contracts
  • Built-in Decentralized Exchange
  • Built for tokenization
  • Fully decentralized
  • Interoperable

Architecture proposal


Transaction Fees

  1. High transaction fees with increased transaction volume
  2. Low or no incentivization to validators with minimal network activity
Coreum Transaction Fee

Validator Incentives

Validator Rewards Pool Calculation

Validator Rewards Pool

Burn Mechanism





  • Proposal submission: Stakeholders submit proposals with a fee. Once a proposal reaches a certain threshold, the proposal enters into a voting period.
  • Voting: Participants can vote on proposals that reach minimum fee requirements and are active for voting.
  • Inheritance and penalties: Delegators inherit their validator’s vote if they don’t vote themselves.
  • Claiming deposit: Users that deposited on proposals can recover their deposits if the proposal was accepted OR if the proposal never entered the voting period.

Fungible and non-fungible token Issuance

Smart contract (WASM)

Interoperability & bridges

Decentralized exchange (DEX)

Decentralized Apps (dApps)

Use cases

  • Tokenized Securities (e.g.
  • Liquidity Providers (LPs) and Market Makers
  • Cross-border Payments, Banking and Remittance (e.g. Swift)
  • Stablecoin Ecosystems (e.g. USDC, USDT, …)
  • Lending Platforms (e.g. Blockfi, Nexo)
  • Wrapped Cryptocurrencies (e.g. ERC20, BEP20)
  • Decentralized Exchanges (e.g., UniSwap, …)
  • Metaverse Applications (e.g. Decentraland, The Sandbox, Meta)
  • NFT Marketplaces (e.g.,, …)
  • Gaming and Play-to-earn apps (e.g. Axie Infinity)

Token Economy

$CORE Token Information


$CORE Token Allocation

Distribution and airdrop of $CORE for $SOLO holders

When will the Snapshot be taken and the CORE tokens be distributed to $SOLO holders?

Initially, $CORE tokens will be distributed via an IOU on the XRP Ledger and once Coreum’s mainnet is launched in August 2022, users can conduct a token swap through a Gateway designated for the $CORE. Alternatively, the tokens can remain and co-exist on the XRP Ledger and be traded on the Sologenic DEX.

When/How will the CORE Airdrop be Distributed?

$CORE Snapshot and Distribution Schedule

What if you hold your $SOLO on Centralized Exchanges?

When/How can I trade $CORE?

How to stay tuned for further updates?


Coreum Roadmap

Coreum Community

Open-Source Dev Contribution




Sologenic is disrupting the asset trading industry: Tokenized Securities, Crypto Assets & NFTs. and

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Sologenic is disrupting the asset trading industry: Tokenized Securities, Crypto Assets & NFTs. and

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