Guidelines for SOLO holders to establish a TrustLine to receive Coreum (CORE) Airdrop

In a nutshell, If you hold $SOLO on any decentralized wallets, you do NOT need to establish a Trustline for the Snapshots, however, you still need to establish a TrustLine with the Coreum’s gateway to be able to receive $CORE airdrop tokens at the time of distribution by end of February 2022.

When will the Snapshots be taken?

CORE Snapshots and Distributions Schedule

How Can I Create a TrustLine to Recieve CORE Tokens at the time of distribution?

Coreum Gateway (Issuer): rcoreNywaoz2ZCQ8Lg2EbSLnGuRBmun6D

CORE Currency Code: 434F524500000000000000000000000000000000

Limit: 500,000,000

How can I create a TrustLine on the SOLO DEX app, or use a Ledger Device or D’CENT through the SOLO DEX?

  1. First, sign in to DEX by clicking on “Access DEX”
  2. If you haven’t yet, connect your Wallet to the DEX by clicking on the Wallet icon, connect wallet, and scanning the QR code with the SOLO DEX mobile app
  3. Once your Wallet is connected and has been activated, head over to the “Wallet” tab where you can see your assets
  4. Click on “Add Asset” and insert the following information

How can I create a TrustLine using XUMM Wallet:

  1. Head over to
  2. Click on “Sign in with XUMM Wallet” and scan the QR code with the mobile XUMM App
  3. Back on the website verify that the Network is set to “Main”
  4. Select “Trust Set” and input the following information to add a new token:

How can I create a TrustLine on the XRP Toolkit?

  1. Connect your Wallet to the Ledger at XRPL Toolkit
  2. Click on “Add Asset” and select “Custom Edit”
  3. Here you will need to input the following information:

What If you hold SOLO on a centralized exchange?

When/How can I trade $CORE?

How to stay tuned for further updates?

What is Coreum?



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