Real Estate 3.0: Tokenizing RWA’s with Sologenic

3 min readNov 2, 2023

In recent years, the world of real estate investment has witnessed a significant transformation through tokenization. This innovative process involves converting real-world assets (RWAs) into digital tokens via the blockchain. The current value of the tokenized real estate market is approximately $200 million. However, given that the present value of the global real estate market is thought to be $317 trillion, a 0.5% tokenization rate would create a trillion-dollar industry. It’s clear that this investment avenue is gaining substantial momentum and will have a huge impact on the next market cycle.

Tokenization revitalises traditionally illiquid markets, such as real estate, by allowing investments to be fractionally owned, significantly enhancing liquidity and broadening accessibility to assets that might otherwise be financially out of reach for many. — Michael McCaffrey, Business Development at Sologenic

In its simplest form, tokenized real estate is the process of converting real estate property or its cash flows into blockchain tokens. This transformation enhances liquidity, streamlines processes, and enables digital ownership. The blockchain infrastructure and solutions provided by Sologenic and the XRPL, ensures the security and transparency of these assets, offering various forms of representation based on the goal and the property being tokenized.


By leveraging the XRP Ledger, known for its innovations in the realm of digital payments and cross-border transactions, developers within the ecosystem are taking strides into the world of tokenized real estate with forward-thinking solutions. XRPL’s native DEX, low cost and institutional grade security, address long-standing challenges within traditional real-estate markets where assets lack liquidity and streamlined processes.

Sologenic: Empowering the Future of Tokenized Real Estate

Sologenic takes a prominent role in addressing the challenges within tokenization by offering holistic solutions built on the XRPL. As the market continues to grow into 2024, Sologenic plans to integrate and provide solutions in bridging the gap between conventional real estate practices and the evolving domain of tokenized assets; creating a future where real estate investment has greater inclusivity and heightened efficiency.

The SoloDEX currently has a Real Estate Category, and offers a few tradable assets with more planned for future listings.

  • Increased Liquidity: The XRP Ledger connects global real estate markets with cryptocurrencies, enabling fractional ownership, increasing transparency, and reducing counterparty risks. This enhanced liquidity benefits investors and facilitates easier transactions.
  • Optimising Costs: By leveraging the XRPL’s advanced infrastructure, Sologenic is able to make real estate transactions efficient, reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Lowering Barriers to Entry: The XRP Ledger ensures fractional ownership, allowing smaller-scale investors to participate in real estate investment by removing the need for significant upfront capital. This inclusivity expands market participation and opens up opportunities for a broader range of people.

While real estate tokenization presents enormous opportunities, it also comes with challenges like regulatory complexities, technical issues, market acceptance, and shared costs. Sologenic is aiming to provide innovative solutions for these challenges, ensuring that real estate becomes an accessible and effective investment avenue.

About Sologenic

Sologenic’s regulated arm is deploying a platform with a hybrid model for the on-demand tokenization of assets. The platform facilitates trading between crypto and off-chain traditional assets such as stocks, ETFs, and Real Estate. The institutional-grade offering is designed for RIA’s, brokerage houses, family offices, banks and other financial institutions looking to tokenize real-world assets for their clients.

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